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Looking for daily rejuvenations? Monthly deep cleans? Same-day cleaners when you need us most? Whatever you need, we have a package to suit.

Standard Clean

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At Pass The broom, we believe that floor-to-ceiling cleans and affordability can walk hand-in-hand. Approaching your space with a 40pt checklist, a friendly face, and bucket-loads of knowledge, we offer far more than a quick wipe-and-go. With an experienced team of residential cleaners in our toolkit, we'll give your space the transformation you didn't know it needed - until now.

Standard Plus Clean

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Ideal for high-footfall environments, this residential cleaning service is built to leave gleaming results. With a 50pt checklist and 50% extra time allocated, we're all about leaving lasting impressions. If we don't arrive on-the-dot, exude professionalism, and meet the ultra-high standards we set, we don't give ourselves a stamp of approval. Simple.

Deep Clean

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Ticking off your to-do list, re-imagining your environment, and cultivating a space you can't wait to return to, our commitment to your satisfaction is woven through our deep cleans. As residential and commercial cleaners, we'll give your space a new lease of life, with 150% more time allocated to your surroundings. From eliminating stubborn grime and combatting stains to cleansing your fridge, oven, and cabinets, we offer residential cleaning services with a detail-oriented twist.

Moving In/Out

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Whether you're looking to tap into those ‘new home’ butterflies or recoup your all-important tenancy deposit, we're putting a trusted team of cleaning specialists at your fingertips. From the first sweep to the final scrub, we're committed to reinventing your spaces, armed with cutting-edge tools, next-gen cleaning techniques, and a flair for picture-perfect environments. Allocating 150% more time to your space, enjoy all the benefits of our 50pt checklist, with the added bonus of fridge, oven and cabinet cleans.

Commercial Clean

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We're anything but ordinary. Bridging the gap between Miami-based offices, warehouses, and stores, and the immaculate surroundings we're known for, we're all about going the extra mile to catapult employee morale. From de-cluttering and disinfecting to scrubbing and steaming, as well as keeping coffee spills firmly at bay, we're on a mission to add a sprinkle of TLC to your workspace.

The Clean Checklist

We're all about the details. Centered on open lines of communication, rigorous cleaning methods, and a drive to surpass expectations, we're hitting the brakes on mediocrity.





Lighting fixtures
TV & other monitors (not screens)
Door frames
Picture Frames
Tables & chairs
Behind wall units

Wipe Down

Kitchen counters
Kitchen cabinets (exterior)
Refrigerator (exterior, including top)
Table tops
Bathroom counters
Bathroom shelves (exterior)
Shower door
Shower caddy/ soap dish
Bathroom mirror
Trash cans (exterior)
Window sills
Under A/C unit
Trashcans (inside & out)


Wall behind stovetop
Kitchen sink
Microwave (inside & out)
Toaster (inside & out)
Load & run dishwasher (1 load) or Empty dishwasher if clean
Bathroom tiles
Bathroom sinks
Heavy scrub of bathtub/shower
Heavy scrub of bathroom tiles
Heavy scrub of bathroom sinks
Stain removal

Floors & Baseboards

Vaccuum (if provided)
Dry mopping
Wet mopping
Wipe down baseboards

Add Ons

Extended time for areas of focus
Inside oven
Inside refrigerator
Inside cabinets

Before We Leave

Change bedding & make beds
Return supplies
Straighten up
Empty trash/recycling & replace liners
Turn off lights & A/C unit
Offer walk-through (if applicable)
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